Marrel vs cubic metre skip bins?

Whats the difference between Marrel vs cubic metre skip bins? The simple answer is that Marrel bins are an industry or proprietary, specific term for describing a skip bin capacity.

In general terms, a Marrel skip bin is referred to by a number, one more than the equivalent cubic metre capacity. Eg 3 cubic metre skip bin is referred to as a 4 Marrel.

CJ Skips currently stocks a wide variety of skip bins or Marrel bins in the most commonly used sizes.

  • 2 cubic metre (2m³) skip bin – can hold up to 3 tonne of heavy material
  • 3 cubic metre (3m³) skip bin or 4 Marrel – can hold up to 5 tonne of heavy material
  • 4 cubic metre (4m³) skip bin or 5 Marrel – can hold up to 7 tonne of heavy material
  • 6 cubic metre (6m³) skip bin  or 7 Marrel – can hold up to 10 tonne of heavy material
  • 9 cubic metre (9m³) skip bin or 10 Marrel – can hold up to 12 tonne of heavy material

So regardless of how you would like to refer to the skip bin size. CJ Skips has skip bin size to suit your needs. CJ Skips bin prices quoted to you at the time of enquiry includes consultation, delivery, up to 7 days hire, collection and tipping. We do not add on tipping charges or extra hire days.

High volume customers may be eligible for discounts on our skip bin range. Call CJ Skips on 0404 050 545 and discuss your skip bin requirements.