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How to fill a skip bin

When your skip bin arrives it is best to fill it thoughtfully to get maximum value for your dollars. Much like packing a suitcase you need to fill it so as to leave no airspace.

  • For large and bulky items it is best to cut or break or crush them up before putting them in the skip bin.
  • It is a good idea to only use the bin for items which your council will not recycle for free.  For example don’t dispose of paper, cardboard, aluminium or glass containers as these can go into your regular council waste bins.
  • To avoid anonymous donations to your skip bin it is a good idea, if possible, to get your skip bin delivered to your private property
  • DON’T FILL ABOVE THE RIM. This message appears on all of our skip bins.  The reason for this is it is illegal to transport it if filled above the rim.  It is against the law to transport a bin which is filled above the water line of the skip bin. Heavy fines and demerit points are applicable.  This is because of the danger of material dislodging from the bin during transportation, causing accidents or injury. No-one wants to be driving behind a skip truck with an overloaded skip bin. Tarpaulins are used but have no strength and are not designed with the structural integrity required to prevent heavy debris dislodging.
  • The use of ‘Greedy Boards” or “Hungry Boards” in skip bins are also illegal.  This is the practice of placing plywood, gyprock or doors along the perimeter of the four walls of the bin, effectively making the bin deeper. According to the law, this is not an engineered wall so has no structural integrity.
Skip bin filling instruction

We understand that it is human nature to get as much into the bin as possible and we want you to get value for money but can only transport the skip bins which are safely loaded. If you are unsure of which skip bin size to get, from experience we would advise to always go for the larger skip bin.

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