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Classification of waste

Please read the important information about Classification of Waste, below to understand what you can and can’t put in the skip bin for each waste type.

General Waste Skip Bins used for light waste both residential and commercial

Note: Mattresses, carpet and tyres may incur extra costs – check with us before booking!

Information about waste

Paper/Cardboard waste

Paper/Cardboard as we all know is easily recycled. This natural material is best separated from general waste at the outset. CJ Skip Bins encourages all of our customers to place these items in council waste recycle collection services but understand this is not always possible on a commercial scale. We are able to assist in these instances. The great benefits of recycling paper and cardboard products are as follows:

Paper and cardboard can be recycled again and again, up to eight times. Manufacturing recycled paper can use up to 90% less water and 50% less energy than making it from trees. Using recycled paper saves trees. For every 100 reams of recycled office paper that is printed doubled sided will save two trees, more than one tonne of greenhouse gas and almost a cubic metre of landfill space. Every year around 3.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard is used in Australia. This is enough to fill 160,000 large semi-trailers. When paper is disposed of in landfill rather than recycled, it creates greenhouse gas methane as it breaks down.

Household waste. Furniture etc.

Household waste can range from books, packaging, appliances, desks, chairs and lounges. If you are need skip bins to clear out or declutter your house, CJ Skip Bins recommends using multiple bins to separate your waste. In many case the majority of waste is recyclable. So you can declutter and reduce land fill at the same time.

Office waste

Office waste can range from paper through to desks and chairs. If you are needing skip bins for clearing out your offices, CJ Skip Bins recommends using multiple bins to separate your waste. A majority of office waste is recyclable.

Metal waste

Is considered under two categories, Ferrous or Non Ferrous. Ferrous metals are products such as steel and stainless. Non Ferrous metals are products such as Aluminium and Cooper.
If a bin is filled with 100% metal then there are no tipping costs involved. Cartage and skip bin hire will be the only applicable charge.

Masonry waste

Also known as Brick/Concrete/Tiles. Bricks, some tiles and concrete are separated at the recycling plants. They are then crushed, graded and used in road base, driveways, drainage and road construction or landscaping. High quality bricks and tiles can be extracted and reused as is. Reinforced concrete can be crushed and separated from steel (which is also recycled). Broken or chipped bricks are crushed, graded and used in road base, driveways and for drainage, road construction. Clean brick and concrete materials are a cost-effective alternative to the use of sand and gravel.
Unfortunately sandstone and bushrock are considered non recyclable so cannot go in a masonry bin.
If a bin is filled with 100% masonry then reduced tipping costs are applicable so your cost will be lower than the standard general waste skip bin. Please phone 0404 050 545 and we will explain.

Construction/Demolition waste

Construction/Demolition waste includes any materials such as insulation, nails, electrical wiring, shingles, gyprock and plasterboard, and roofing as well as waste originating from site preparation such as dredging materials, tree stumps, and rubble and can contain lead, asbestos, or other hazardous substances.

White Goods & Appliances waste

White Goods & Appliances are all 100% recyclable products. They are classed as ferrous metals and will be charged at a reduced rate, if they are in separate skip bins. CJ Skip Bins is committed to minimising environmental impact by working with you to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Soil waste

All soil is recyclable providing it’s contaminate free.

Green/Garden Waste

Vegetation although a natural product, if it is disposed of in landfill it is often covered and it isn’t able to naturally breakdown. If this happens then methane is emitted. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is 21 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.

To avoid this give us a call as we are happy to provide reliable skip bin hire for garden rubbish removal on a regular or intermittent basis. Or even just a one off when the clear out of your garden is a big job. We have had 30 years experience in providing dedicated green skip bin service to residential and commercial clients throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area. A green waste skip bin is for garden clean ups, wood removal, green waste, and fencing removal. Use our green waste skip bins for all kinds landscaping and garden waste that you want to dispose of.

CJ Skip Bins quoted prices include delivery/collection and tipping fees. We do not add on tipping charges or fees for extra hire days.

Typically the period of hire is 7 days, however this may be extended if required. Contact CJ Skip Bins to discuss your skip bin hire requirements and get a quote, call 0404 050 545.

No hidden costs! Call 0404 050 545.