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CJ Skip Bins provides you with exceptional service including access to all the information such frequently ask questions (FAQ) about skip bin hire. FAQ help you make informed decisions, comply with council and environmental regulation and avoid additional tipping costs.

Do I need a Council Permit?

Yes, if you store a bin on public land or a street. In most cases councils will require that you have an authorise permit. Contact CJ Skips 0404 050 545 and check our list of councils requiring a permit and download permit applications here.

Does CJ Skips accept asbestos waste?

Yes, however the asbestos waste must be separated into an asbestos only skip bin. The asbestos must be packaged in a manner that complies with EPA standards, prior to placement into skip bins and all health and safety guidelines should be followed. Contact CJ Skips 0404 050 545 to order an asbestos only skip bin.

What skip bins sizes do you supply?

CJ Skip Bins supplies a variety of skip bins sizes. These include:

  • 2 cubic metre skip bin can hold two to three tonne of heavy material
  • 3 cubic metre skip bin can hold up to 5 tonne of heavy material
  • 4 cubic metre skip bin can hold up to 7 tonne of heavy material
  • 6 cubic metre skip bin can hold up to 10 tonne of heavy material
  • 9 cubic metre skip bin can hold up to 12 tonne of heavy material

Remember there are no extra charges on weight! Decide on the size of bin you require then give CJ Skips a call 0404 050 545.

Do you charge for weight of skip bin?

No. CJ Skips does not charge by weight of waste. A skip full of bricks costs as much as a skip full of bubble wrap. Skip bins prices relate to the volume, measured in cubic meters. Review our skip bin sizes and call us for a skip bin quote 0404 050 545.

Does CJ Skips recycle?

Yes, where possible CJ Skips is able to recycle up to 85% of the waste in the skip bin.  Some material such as soil requires testing for contamination. Review the waste types we accept and speak to CJ Skips 0404 050 545 and ask how you can help increase the recyclable volume of your waste.

Does CJ Skips service my suburb?

Yes, if you’re in the Sydney metropolitan area CJ Skip Bins will deliver and collect. Our reliable fleet of trucks services and area which extends from Campbeltown in the south to Penrith, to Asquith in the north to Palm Beach in the east, and south to Cronulla. Contact CJ Skips to discuss your location and get a skip bin quote. Call 0404 050 545.

How long can I hire a skip bin for?

Typically our hire terms are 7 days, however everyones circumstances are different. Your construction or demolition schedule require a little more flexibility. Call CJ Skips to discuss the hire terms 0404 050 545.

What can't be put in a skip bin?

Skip bins can be used for a variety of purposes and waste. The waste generally falls into the following categories:

  • construction materials,
  • demolition waste,
  • soil,
  • vegetation,
  • mixed domestic waste.

You can find out what waste CJ Skip accepts and what you shouldn’t place in our skip bins here.

CJ Skips bin prices quoted to you at the time of enquiry includes consultation, delivery, up to 7 days hire, collection and tipping. We do not add on tipping charges or extra hire days.

No hidden costs! Call 0404 050 545.